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13th Annual Snow Goose Festival: January 26-29, 2012
Thanks to All Our 2012 Sponsors!

Major Sponsors - Snow Goose ($2,500 or more)

California Conservation Corps logo
Altacal Audobon Society California Conservation Corps
Chico News & Review
California State Parks Northern Buttes Districts Chico News & Review
KIXE Channel 9 RIver Partners
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Supporting Sponsors - Great Blue Heron ($1,000 or more)

Butte County Fish and Game Commission
Central Valley Joint Venture
Chico Museum: A Far West Heritage Association Museum
Iris Software
Kelly Meagher
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Sacramento River Preservation Trust

Tundra Swan ($500 or more)

Snowy Egret ($250 or more)

White-faced Ibis ($100 or more)

Thank you!

2011 Snow Goose Festival Steering Committee and Subcommittees, Super Snow Goosers of the festival

  • Raeann Bossarte, Publicity
  • Cathy Carter, Art Reception
  • Debbie Chakarun, Program & Youth Activities
  • Lollie DeYoung, Silent Auction/Banquet
  • Mike Fisher, Treasurer
  • Shelia Frisk, Exhibits and Vendors
  • Marilyn Gamette, Exhibit Coordinator & Program
  • Liz Gardner, Publicity
  • Kathryn Hood, Art Reception
  • Kathleen Huber, Administration Assistant
  • Ruth Kennedy, Registration
  • Aubrie Koeing, Art Reception, Youth Activities
  • Chuck Lundgren, Website Master
  • Sandy Makau, Silent Auction
  • Mary Lou Martin, Treasurer, Registration
  • Kathleen McPartland, Youth Activities
  • John Merz, Committee Chair
  • Marvey Mueller, Publicity Chair & Field Trip Coordination
  • Steve Overlock, Workshop Coordination
  • Jennifer Patten, Festival Coordinator
  • Maria Phillips, Art Exhibit
  • John Scott, Workshop Coordination
  • Sue Scott, Art Reception
  • Goodie Sweatt, Registration
  • Kathy Trevino, Registration
  • Darah Votaw, Art Exhibit
  • Gayle Womack, Silent Auction
  • Mary Wrysinski, Art Reception

Special Thank You's

  • Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
  • Chico Certified Farmers Market
  • Chico Creek Nature Center
  • Chico Museum
  • City of Chico
  • Iris Software, Inc.

In addition to those mentioned many individuals have helped to plan and create this year’s festival. The Steering Committee would like to sincerely thank all those who have had a hand in this year’s programming and events, especially our many field trip and workshop leaders.