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Free Events: Slow the Flow

Saturday, Jan 30, 2016 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Chico Masonic Family Center (Map)


When it rains, some of the rainwater soaks into the ground, while the rest runs off and flows into the storm drains and directly into Chico’s creeks. This is called stormwater runoff, which can contain pollutants, like motor oil and trash. In fact, stormwater runoff from roads, sidewalks, and landscaping is the single greatest source of water pollution. This workshop will discuss water-wise landscaping practices including rain gardens, bioswales, pervious pavers, and how to "Make Your Own Rain Barrel" (first 20 participants will receive a rain barrel). Participants may wish to take a field trip that compliments this workshop, Citizen Science: Water Quality on Saturday at 11AM.


Timmarie Hamill

Timmarie Hamill holds a B.S. in Biology, a Secondary Math and Science Teaching Credential, and a Masters in Science Teaching from California State University at Chico. As a biologist, she has planned and conducted water quality inventories as they relate to fish and wildlife in the private and public sectors for over 20 years. She has served as an Industrial Waste Inspector for the City of Chico, biologist for the Department of Water Resources, Executive Director for The Stream Team, science teacher for a small Charter School, and most recently, project manager for stormwater education and water quality assessment grants.

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Linda Herman

Linda Herman is the General Services Administrative Manager for the City of Chico's Public Works Department.

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