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Workshop: Water Dancers -- Western & Clark’s Grebes

$8 Adult; $5 Youth

Saturday, Jan 30, 2016 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Workshop is at Chico Masonic Family Center (Map)


Western and Clark’s Grebes are colonial water birds that nest on floating mounds of vegetation and have elaborate courtship rituals including a "rushing" display where pairs dance across the water together. Plumas Audubon has been monitoring grebes breeding at four lakes in northeastern California, Lake Almanor, Lake Davis and Antelope Lake, for the last six years. David will discuss the study’s results and Audubon’s efforts to help these unique water birds.


David Arsenault

The Plumas Audubon Society is a small (200-member) chapter based in Quincy, CA where David Arsenault has lived since 2005. As a career wildlife biologist, he has studied wildlife, with a focus on birds, throughout the western U.S. and the Americas for more than 20 years. David became involved with Audubon in 1997 leading field trips for the Lahontan Audubon Society while attending graduate school in Reno. After moving to Quincy, he signed on as Plumas Audubon’s field trip coordinator and then served as chapter president for 5 years. Now, as Executive Director, David is leading Plumas Audubon’s science-based conservation and education program in northern California.

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