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Field Trip: Sutter Buttes Hike -- Dean Ranch with Jon L. Dunn - Sold Out!

$45 Adult; $30 Youth

Friday, Jan 26, 2018 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Meet at 150 Ford Ave, Gridley (Map)

More vigorous hiking, some elevation gain/loss More vigorous hiking, some elevation gain/loss


Enjoy a three-mile walk to visit the 100-year-old Dean Place Cattle Ranch. This trip will focus primarily on birding with hopes of seeing Golden Eagles, Phainopeplas, and Rufous-crowned Sparrows, so bring binoculars along with lunch and water. No early departures on this trip. Be aware that you will be driving another 12-15 miles to the hike's starting point from the meeting place in Gridley.

Field Trip Leaders

Peter Sands

Peter Sands is one of the landowners of the Dean Ranch in the Sutter Buttes. He is a naturalist for the Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes and an enthusiastic ornithologist. He has been the compiler of the Peace Valley Christmas bird count since 1990.

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Jon L. Dunn

Jon L. Dunn has spent much of his life birding in California. He is a tour leader for Wings and has written (or co-authored) numerous articles and a handful of books on bird identification and distribution. These include Birds of Southern California, Status and Distribution, (with Kimball Garrett), all seven editions of the National Geographic Society Field Guide to the Birds of North America (the latest with Jonathan Alderfer), Warblers (with Kimball Garrett), Gulls of the Americas (with Steve Howell) and Birding Essentials (with Jonathan Alderfer). Jon served for many years as Chair and as a member on the ABA Checklist Committee, and has been a member of the California Bird Records Committee for nearly 30 years and the AOS's Committee on Classification and Nomenclature since 2000. Jon is a board member for Western Field Ornithologists and lives in Bishop, California, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada.

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