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Workshop: Bird Migration in the Klamath Basin

$12 Adult; $5 Youth

Saturday, Jan 26, 2019 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop is at Chico Masonic Family Center (Map)


Bird migration is a fascinating and complex subject. Based on three months spent in the Klamath Basin, professional wildlife and nature photographer Kirby Flanagan will discuss the current state of knowledge of migration in the Klamath Basin. This visually illustrated talk will discuss current tracking technology and what it has revealed, the effects of recurrent drought years, and how climate change has affected migration patterns for different species. Survival of the fittest and adaptability have never been more important to the survival of a species. Please join Kirby for a ninety-minute discussion of the ever changing migration patterns in the Klamath Basin.


Kirby Flanagan

Kirby is a professional nature and wildlife photographer residing in northwest Nevada. He is a member of the Lahontan Audubon Society in Reno, Nevada, a longtime member and current board member of the National Photography Enthusiasts Group (NPEG) of Bozeman, Montana and is a past member of the Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society based in Peninsula, Ohio.

Kirby has been involved in photography for more than forty years and in bird photography for more than ten years. During those ten years, he has photographed birds in several midwestern states, most of the western states, Alaska and the Galapagos Islands. His interests are primarily in photographing raptors and waterfowl, but he enjoys photographing all birds. And he loves to teach.

Kirby has been a workshop leader, group shoot leader, speaker and webinar presenter for NPEG for over ten years. He is the author of the e-book "A Nature Photographer's Guide to Alaska". He is a blog and a podcaster on the "Photographing the West" podcast both his blog and his podcast episodes are available on his website at www.flanaganfotos.com.

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