Field Trip: Pine Creek Nature Trail

Field Trip: Pine Creek Nature Trail - Sold Out!

$25 Adult; $10 Youth

Thursday, Jan 26, 2023 9:15 am - 12:30 pm

Meet at Patrick Ranch Museum (Map)

Walking, could involve distance but largely flat Walking, could involve distance but largely flat


Visit the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge Pine Creek Unit where you will hike an easy two-mile loop in the mixed riparian habitat of oaks, sycamores, cottonwoods, native grasses, blackberries, and roses. Winter is home to a variety of birds and wildlife that use the mixed forest and grasslands for shelter and food. We might not see the coyote, deer, or mountain lion, but signs are apparent on the hiking trail where scatt and tracks are left. We are more likely to see wintering sparrows, Western Bluebirds, Dark-eyed Junos, Yellow-rumped Warblers, woodpeckers, finches, and hawks in the distance soaring or perched in tree branches. And on a clear day, beautiful vistas of the coastal range, Mt. Lassen, and Mt. Shasta, can be added to your days' sightings.

Field Trip Leaders

Lisa Winslow

Lisa Winslow has a lifelong love for birds, wildlife and nature. She was a School Counselor for many years in the Chico community. She often spends her weekends out birding and hiking and is a member of the local Altacal Audubon Society. One of her favorite hot spots in the Chico area is the Oxidation Ponds.

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Steve Overlock

Steve Overlock has volunteered with Altacal Audubon and the Snow Goose Festival in numerous positions since relocating to Chico from Southern CA in 1980. He thoroughly enjoys watching and exploring the flora and fauna right here in the North State.

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