The Wild & Winged 2024 Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway Flew to Success with the Sights, Sounds, and Wonders of Birds!

On beautiful balmy winter days, attendees viewed and got up close and personal with the geese, ducks, cranes, herons, egrets, ibis, swans, songbirds, gulls, and raptors in all their natural splendor.

Birding memories were made that will last a lifetime and many found a new passion like no other: Birds & Birding!

Here are some highlights of the
2024 Snow Goose Festival

  • Snow Goose Festival Headquarters, Patrick Ranch Museum: a delightful and birdy venue
  • 151 bird species sighted or heard
  • Glenn County Big Day field trip species count: 110
  • “Gathering of Wings” banquet, silent auction & keynote speakers Bryce & Brita Lundberg “In Partnership with Nature: The Power of Regenerative Organic Farming Practices to Provide Habitat, Heal Soil, and Support Communities”
  • 19 Outstanding, Dedicated, and Generous Sponsors
  • 636 total registrants
  • 67 California cities represented, and people came from 4 other states, Oregon, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Arizona, and two from Ottawa, Canada.
  • 62 field trips, and 5 workshops, most sold out.
  • We had awesome “Super Snow Goosers” volunteers: Trish, Tom, Debbie, Celeste, Lollie, Sandy, Morgan, Cathy, Sue, John, Carla, Hilary, Brent, Maria, Diana, Satsie, Jan, Liz, Calvin, Cyndi, Claire, John, Karen, Lisa, Cathy, Richard, Renee, David, and the National Charity League-Mother/Daughter volunteer teams, plus Butte College interns Kayley & Ryan
  • Staff was outstanding - Jennifer, Cathy, Mary, Jared

See you next year at the
25th Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway
January 23 - 26, 2025

New Webcam at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge added a webcam at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. Snow Geese, Northern Pintails, and Greater White-fronted Geese can currently be seen.

Western Canal Water District Webcam

I just returned from the Snow Goose Festival in sunny, beautiful Chico, California. The events were fun, the field trips were great, the birds were enjoyable, and the people were terrific! Seeing all the waterfowl in their freshest breeding plumages was a real treat to me. My mom tells me I got excited about seeing ducks before I could talk. And those ducks still get me excited to this day. What’s not to like about a cinnamon teal? Or a shoveler or pintail? And raptors were present in good numbers, too. It was exciting for me to see golden eagles, prairie falcons, and one of my favorite hawks — the ferruginous hawk.

— Greg Miller, 13th Snow Goose Festival keynote speaker, and was featured in the book/movie "The Big Year"

2024 Major Sponsors - Snow Goose ($2,500 or more)

2024 Supporting Sponsors - Great Blue Heron ($1,000 or more)