Field Trip: Yuba County Big Day

Field Trip: Yuba County Big Day - Sold Out!

$35 Adult; $20 Youth

Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 6:30 am - 6:30 pm

Meet at Patrick Ranch Museum (Map)

More vigorous hiking, some elevation gain/loss More vigorous hiking, some elevation gain/loss


Need to bump up your Yuba County Life List? Asher and Liam will take you around this underbirded county, looking for hard-to-find birds over all elevations. We will start in the mountains in the morning, looking for Woodpeckers and Chickadees, then work our way down through the foothills and Collins Lake in search of Canyon Wren and diving ducks. We will end the day in the rice fields, where we will look for ducks, gulls, and maybe Mountain Bluebirds if we are very lucky. This will be a good trip for those heading south on Sunday, where you'll have a jump start on your way home.

Field Trip Leaders

Asher Perla

Asher Perla is a 14 year old high school student and birder from Yuba county. He started birding in early 2019, after discovering eBird on a Snow Goose Festival field trip. In 2020, he completed a birding bird year in Yuba County, observing 242 species in one calendar year. Asher goes birding every day, and loves to discover and observe new behaviours in common birds as well as find rare and unusual species. In 2021, he began a study of nesting habits of a Purple Martin colony in Oregon House which he plans to continue in 2022.

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Liam Huber

Liam Huber started bird-watching at age 5 and has become accomplished at bird identification by sight and by ear. He spends much of his free time, as well as most of his not-free time, photographing and exploring every inch of Butte County.

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