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Workshop: The Surprising Benefits of Snag Forests - Nature's Nurseries

$10 Adult; $5 Youth

Saturday, Jan 27, 2018 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop is at Chico Masonic Family Center (Map)


Snag forests are the most threatened forest type in the American west. 85 native bird species, 45 mammal species, amphibians, reptiles, and nearly all fish are "snag-dependent" meaning they must have snags for nesting, shelter and food storage. Without snags, wildlife species can experience local and regional extinction. Discover more about why snag forests are among the most valuable, rare and threatened bird habitats in America, how to protect snag forests, and how to encourage and manage snags for wildlife benefits in your own landscape. This presentation will include an introduction to this subject; the film, "Searching for Gold Spot - the Wild After Wildfire;" and a time for your questions.


Christy Sherr

Christy Sherr is a retired National and State Park Ranger, currently working as a field biologist and Education Coordinator with Earth Island Institute's John Muir Project. A past president of Sierra Foothills Audubon, she watched her eleven year old daughter became a birder in a snag forest!



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