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Workshop: Wildfire, Wildlife, & Being Firewise

$12 Adult; $5 Youth

Saturday, Jan 26, 2019 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Workshop is at Chico Masonic Family Center (Map)


Discover reasons why snag forests are among the most valuable and threatened bird habitats in America and how to protect these publicly owned forests - especially the ones that are close to you! Maya’s presentation will include an introduction to this subject, the following two films (one a work-in-progress), and time for your questions.

Firewise: The Scientists Speak is a 10-minute film that weaves the personal accounts and findings of leading scientists and firefighters who work to guide communities in creating fire-safe homes and also work to protect the backcountry.

Searching for the Gold Spot: The Wild after Wildfire is a 30-minute film about the rapid and amazing comeback of the wild in forests after wildfire. The story follows teams of scientists through the Sierra Nevada, the Cascades Mountains and beyond, and shows hundreds of living, breathing reasons why our publicly owned forests need to be saved from large-scale logging projects. The teams find rare Black-backed Woodpeckers, Goshawks, Spotted Owls, their young, and many other animals using post-fire forests - a surprise and a new sense of hope for all.


Maya Khosla

Maya Khosla is currently serving as the Poet Laureate of Sonoma County, California (2018-2020). Her writings include Web of Water (nonfiction) and Keel Bone (poems). Her new poetry collection, All the Fires of Wind and Light, is forthcoming from Sixteen Rivers Press in 2019.

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