Field Trip: Dye Creek Preserve

Field Trip: Dye Creek Preserve - Sold Out!

$27 Adult

Friday, Jan 28, 2022 8:45 am - 3:45 pm

Meet at Patrick Ranch Museum (Map)

More vigorous hiking, some elevation gain/loss More vigorous hiking, some elevation gain/loss


In the Lassen Foothills of eastern Tehama County, scenic Dye Creek Preserve will be an adventure for the hiker and birder. While hiking the rugged Dye Creek Canyon, we will discuss land management efforts by The Nature Conservancy, Yahi Indian occupation, local geology, and the ecosystem. Expect to see birds common to oak woodlands and riparian habitats in January, such as the Belted Kingfisher, Lewis's and Acorn Woodpeckers, Oak Titmouse, Brown Creeper, and Western Bluebird. Sightings of raptors could include Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles, Northern Harriers, and Red-tailed Hawks. The hike is a strenuous, rugged and uneven, four mile trek and has three stream crossings. The depth of the water crossings is subject to weather conditions. Bring lunch and drink. Boots/sturdy footwear is a MUST!

Field Trip Leaders

Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan moved from the Bay Area to Oak Run in 1980 to escape the crowded, noisy, hustle and bustle of city life. Among the gray and ponderosa pine, and the oak savannah, he found himself surrounded by nature. Coyotes howled in the winter evening, deer and fox were abundant and birds seemed to be everywhere. On the way home from an evening out, he and his wife found a tiny owl standing in the middle of the road to his home. He didn't know what it was and had to look it up in his first edition Peterson Field Guide. It was his spark bird - a Burrowing Owl! Larry joined the Wintu Audubon Society and became the group's webmaster in 2008. He is the Shasta County Coordinator for the California Bluebird Recovery Program and monitors an active Burrowing Owl habitat in the Chico area.

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Scott Hardage

Scott Hardage is a land steward for The Nature Conservancy in the Lassen foothills area. Scott organizes public outreach hikes at the Dye Creek Preserve and manages a group of volunteer docents who help to lead the hikes. He enjoys hiking and photography, and has recently used camera traps to document burrowing owl activity on the preserve.

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