Field Trip: Soils, Landforms & Vegetation of Bidwell Park

Field Trip: Soils, Landforms & Vegetation of Bidwell Park

$25 Adult; $15 Youth

Thursday, Jan 25, 2024 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Meet at Patrick Ranch Museum (Map)

More vigorous hiking, some elevation gain/loss More vigorous hiking, some elevation gain/loss


This trip begins in the flood plain of Big Chico Creek and travels back in time across the older deposits of the creek and up onto the Cascade foothills. The first route covers a condensed sequence of the major landforms that occur in the Sacramento Valley, as well as the transition to the Tuscan Formation in the Cascade foothills, in less than 1 mile. The second route is a 1.5 mile, one-way walk up the bottom of Big Chico Creek Canyon, applying what was observed on the first route and viewing the slot canyon in the Lovejoy basalt which controls the stream dynamics in this reach of the canyon. Vegetation and habitats will be correlated to soil characteristics and landforms along both routes. We will do some free-style birding on our hike back. Bring water, snacks, and binoculars. Dress warmly and wear hiking shoes.

Field Trip Leaders

Andrew Conlin

Andrew Conlin has worked as a Soil Scientist for the NRCS for over 30 years. After mapping soils in IL, MN, NY and the San Joaquin Valley, he completed the Soil Surveys of Butte County and Lassen Volcanic National Park. Andrew has provided soils tours for over 25 years, explaining the relationships between soils, geomorphology, and vegetation.

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John Seid

John Seid taught elementary school children for 35 years and made it a point to teach them about the wonders of our natural world and our place in this amazing world. Since we live in the Pacific Flyway, many units were done around birds that migrate here and also our local ones. John believes that if you know the name of something it brings you closer. He is an avid photographer, and you can find him all summer kayaking and all winter at the refuges around us with his faithful dog Lucy.

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