Field Trip: Sutter County Half Day

Field Trip: Sutter County Half Day - Sold Out!

$27 Adult; $10 Youth

Sunday, Jan 30, 2022 8:00 am - 2:30 pm

Meet at Patrick Ranch Museum (Map)

Walking, could involve distance but largely flat Walking, could involve distance but largely flat


Need to bump up your Sutter County Life List? Stuart and Liam will take you around the Sutter Buttes, stopping at the Sutter Cemetery where it's possible to pick up some rarities like Red Crossbills, checking Pass Road for Mountain Bluebirds, cruising the North and West Butte Roads in search of raptors, and ending at the Sutter National Wildlife Refuge. This will be a good trip for those heading south on Sunday, where you'll have a jump start on your way home.

Field Trip Leaders

Liam Huber

Liam Huber started bird-watching at age 5 and has become accomplished at bird identification by sight and by ear. He spends much of his free time, as well as most of his not-free time, photographing and exploring every inch of Butte County.

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Stuart Angerer

Stuart Angerer lives in Colusa County and as an avid birder enjoys the proximity to the Sacramento Valley Refuges. His lifelong love of the outdoors and 30 years working as an Environmental Scientist for the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Reclamation have enabled him to work in the Sierras and Coast Range as well as many of the wildlife refuges in the state. Birding experience includes Spotted Owl, Northern Goshawk, breeding bird, and Tri-colored Blackbird and shorebird surveys.

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